Activities with Kacey: You Are Special

Summer Activities with Kacey

Activities with Kacey: You Are Special

Kacey the Quality Koala and Maryland EXCELS have been sharing daily fun and educational activities for families and child care programs.

The theme of the activities below is “You Are Special.”

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The Maryland State Department of Education’s Division of Early Childhood understands that the activities described on this page and in website links are not suitable for all ages. Ultimately, all activities require adult supervision and are not endorsed by the Maryland State Department of Education or Johns Hopkins University.


A collage in the shape of a body, made from construction paper, pictures, a paper plate, and yarn.You are special!

Create a collage all about you! Draw a body outline on a piece of paper. Draw a face or find a photo of your child. If using a photo, cut out the face and glue it on the body. Help your child find pictures and words in magazines, catalogs, or newspapers that describe your child’s favorite books, toys, games, foods, and activities. Share the collages with other family members and friends.




The cover of the book Hair Love

Listen to the story Hair Love about a girl named Zuri and how her hair makes her feel special.  






A young child putting the features on a potato head toyMusic and Movement

Sing and dance to Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes as you pretend to put on sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun. As a follow-up activity, find toys, books, and pictures around the house and identify different body parts you need to protect from the sun.



Music and Movement

A group of young, smiling childrenSing and listen to the song Everyone is Special as you complete this activity with your child. Discuss with your child how we are alike and how we are different, and what makes your child special. 




Two girls smiling and sharing a bowl of strawberries“Special Me” Snack

Make a “special me” snack with your child using their favorite fruits and vegetables, or other foods. Let them choose! Brainstorm with them ways to use the foods to create a face or body. For example, use banana slices for the body, carrots for the arms and legs, and blueberries for a mouth, nose, and eyes, and something fun for hair. Be creative and share your ideas with us through social media.

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