Activities with Kacey: Stars and Stripes

Summer activities with Kacey, with Kacey the Koala and an American flag

Activities with Kacey: Stars and Stripes

Kacey the Quality Koala and Maryland EXCELS have been sharing fun and educational activities and mealtime discussion questions for families and child care programs.

The theme of the activities below is “Transportation.”

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The Maryland State Department of Education’s Division of Early Childhood understands that activities described on this page and in website links are not suitable for all ages. Ultimately, all activities require adult supervision and are not endorsed by the Maryland State Department of Education or Johns Hopkins University.


A young child waving a wand with red, white, and blue ribbonsMusic and movement dance with ribbon wands

Make ribbon wands with red, white, and/or blue streamers or ribbons and an empty toilet paper or paper towel roll. Decorate the cardboard roll with crayons or paint. Tie the ribbons to the decorated roll.  Move those wands and march along to your favorite song!

Mealtime discussion question: What songs do you and your family like dancing to?


Read a book together!

Book cover for Apple Pie 4th of July by Janet S. Wong

Read or listen to the story Apple Pie 4th of July with your child. You can follow along with this video.


Mealtime Question: What foods do you like making with your family?




Cupcake Liner Fireworks

Using solid-color cupcake liners, have your child draw red and blue lines, stars, and stripes. Cut the edge of the liners into strips. Glue the liners onto a piece of black or blue construction paper. Glitter can be added to make the fireworks sparkle. Display the fireworks!

A child drawing on white cupcake liners Cupcake liners colored red and blue Cupcake lines decorated to look like fireworks 

Mealtime discussion question: Do you like to watch real fireworks? Why or why not? 


Two sidewalk stencils in the shape of stars, one colored in blue and one colored in redSidewalk Stars

For outdoor paths, create stars with washable paints or chalk. For indoor paths, paint or draw your stars on pieces of paper that you tape to the floor (with painter’s tape if you have it).

Mealtime discussion question: There are stars on the American flag. What other flags have stars?


Glow in the Dark Sensory Bottles

Three water bottles filled with red, white, and blue waterCelebrate the 4th of July in a fun and safe way for all ages with glow in the dark sensory bottles. Find empty plastic bottles. Fill the bottles with water, a few drops of red or blue food coloring, glitter, and an activated glow stick. Tightly secure and tape the lid on the water bottle. The sensory bottles can be played with during the day or at night on the 4th of July! Babies, toddlers, and children will have fun looking at and playing with the sensory bottles.

Mealtime discussion question: What will you and your family do to celebrate the 4th of July?


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