April: Celebrate Diversity Month

April is Celebrate Diversity Month. Celebrate Diversity Month began in 2004 to honor and recognize the diversity that surrounds us in all aspects of our lives; it acknowledges differences in race, gender, language, socio-economic status, ethnicity, nationality and abilities. By understanding that we are all different and that we each bring incredible talents, abilities and skills to our shared world, we can gain a deeper understanding of one another. This not only will make your program or community a better place but it can have long lasting impact on the children in your program. How will you celebrate diversity this month? Here are a few examples of ways to celebrate diversity:

  • Create art activities with your children that represent different cultures.
  • Ask families to bring in food items that are unique to their cultures and ethnicities. Be attentive to food allergies of children in your program.
  • Share and provide literature and books about a variety of cultures.
  • Ask families to share music from their culture.
  • Invite families to share pictures of their own family celebrations and discuss the celebrations and their significance.
  • Celebrate cultural celebrations highlighting important rituals and customs.

If you have families and children in your program who speak more than one language, NAEYC provides information about what you can learn from the parents of dual language children.