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Children playing outside

TIPS: Local Community Resources

Children begin exploring the world from the moment they are born. As they grow, their world expands from the family and home they live in, to the community that surrounds

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A colorful bulletin board display.

Refreshing Your Bulletin Boards

Whether your program is celebrating a particular season or focusing on a special topic, bulletin boards offer the perfect canvas to showcase children’s creations or brighten your space to welcome

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Provider Spotlight: Provider’s Bucket List Includes Improving Quality of Child Care

Years ago, Jacqueline Jones started a bucket list. Considering her love of children and belief she could make a difference in children’s lives, Jones added “Open Child Care Program” to

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two young children play together

Making Transitions Work

Transitions are a part of daily life that can be challenging, particularly for children.  Given the multitude of transitions children experience, this can be very stressful for them. As early

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TIPS: Utilizing Observation Practices in Your Program – Tools and Techniques for Observing Children

  As a child care provider, one of the ways you gain knowledge about the interests, strengths, and challenges of the children in your care is through observation. Observing can

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