Celebrating Earth Day on April 22!

hand holding earth

Our Earth needs to be protected so its resources will be available for many generations. It’s never too early to pass this message along to young children who can keep our planet clean and learn to reduce, reuse, recycle, restore, replenish and celebrate the Earth. Young children can make a difference. Little steps become big changes.

  • Children can create art with recycled items that would otherwise go into the trash. Transform plastic milk jugs into bird feeders or flowerpots to begin seedlings for a garden.
  • Pick up trash in your neighborhood and explain why it’s important to keep our planet clean. For example, many animals mistake trash for food, eat it, and become sick.
  • Take children on a nature walk and play “I Spy.” Children can collect leaves, pine cones, clover, grass, small sticks, and acorns to make a nature collage individually or as a group activity.
  • Ask families to donate clean food containers and shoe boxes. They make great building materials for busy young architects. They also make great props for your dramatic play area.
  • Have you ever thought about planting a small garden? If a small area of land is not available outside, plant a small container garden. Jerusha Klemperer, Associate Director of National Programs at Slow Food USA, writes, “Children who learn in and around edible gardens and farms learn firsthand to make connections between food and the environment, food and personal health, and food and community well-being.”