Celebrating Father’s Day

If you’re planning to help the children in your program celebrate Father’s Day on June 17, consider how to create ways to make the special occasion inclusive for all kinds of families.

Whether you’re opening your child care home or center for a special celebration or working on gifts to send home, you can help the children celebrate their dads as well as any other important father figures in their lives.

Young African-American adult with an African-American child on his shoulders. The boy is kissing his cheek, and he is smiling.

Art projects and crafts made from children’s handprints are fun and sentimental ways to personalize gifts, and children of all ages can easily participate. You can help the children write short Father’s Day messages that are appropriate for their families. Here are a few suggestions for handprint projects:

  • “Fishing you a Happy Father’s Day”: Paint and stamp handprints sideways on construction paper to resemble swimming fish, then draw mouths and eyes when the paint is dry. Write the Father’s Day message across the top or bottom of the paper.
  • “High 5 Dad!” card: Paint and stamp a single handprint in the center of a folded piece of construction paper or cardstock. Write “High 5 Dad!” with the 5 in the center of the handprint, and have or help the child sign their name and write any additional message on the inside of the card.
  • Trees and flowers: Paint and stamp handprints on construction paper in the shape of leaves on a tree or as flowers in a garden. Then paint or draw the trunk or stems. Have or help the child write “Happy Father’s Day” with the year and the child’s name across the top or bottom of the paper.

How did you celebrate Father’s Day with the children in your care? Let us know at social@marylandexcels.org.