Overview of Maryland Accreditation

What is Maryland Accreditation?

Maryland Accreditation is a voluntary process for your child care center or public Prekindergarten program to demonstrate commitment to meeting high-quality state standards and continuous quality improvement for children, families, and staff.

Why should my program participate in Maryland Accreditation? 

Your participation in Maryland Accreditation demonstrates that your program has chosen to commit to the process of self-appraisal, program improvement, and external program review to achieve and publicly confirm that your program meets Maryland Accreditation standards.   

Are there fees associated with pursuing Maryland Accreditation?

Maryland Accreditation does not charge fees. However, your program may incur costs as you work toward making program improvements. Learn how child care centers can be reimbursed for instructional materials through the Accreditation Support Fund.   

How long does it take to achieve Maryland Accreditation for the first time?

Your program will have up to two years to complete Maryland Accreditation requirements, which includes the validation visit.  

How long is Maryland Accreditation valid?

Maryland Accreditation is valid for three years. Your program will begin the re-accreditation process 18 months after you achieve Maryland Accreditation.

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