National Bullying Prevention Month

bullying-graphicDuring October, families, educators, and the community will recognize National Bullying Prevention Month. Awareness about the impact of bullying can help address issues children face in school and online, according to

According to the same source, research shows that children look to trusted adults for advice on tough decisions. Talking to the children and young people in your life can help them understand how to identify bullying and how to face the challenges if they arise.

Use these questions to start conversations with your children:

  • What was one good thing that happened today? Any bad things?
  • What is lunch time like at your school? Who do you sit with? What do you talk about?
  • What are you good at? What do you like best about yourself?

Ask your child what bullying means to them. Talking directly about bullying is an important step in understanding how the issue might be affecting them. Remember to assure your children they have your support in addressing problems that might affect them.

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