Patriotic Program Fun!

Graphic of the American flag with a glittery blue effect at the top and a glittery red effect at the bottom.


Earlier this month we celebrated the Fourth of July! America’s birthday is celebrated around the country with parades, parties, picnics, and fireworks. You can incorporate the holiday into your program by teaching children about the holiday’s history, the meaning of independence, and the traditional ways we celebrate our freedom. Below are some fun and educational activities to try in your program.

Artwork Activities

Patriotic art ideas that focus on fine motor skills and individual creativity:

  • Cupcake Liner Fireworks: Use various sizes of red, white and blue cupcake liners. Children can cut straight lines on the ridged part of the liners. Glue the cut pieces on paper to create a fireworks display!
  • Fireworks Painting: Fill three paint trays with red, white, and blue paint. Either put one brush in each tray and let children take turns, or pass out multiple brushes to let children work together. Children can create their own fireworks painting scenes on black or white paper.

Sensory Water Table Activities

Fun red, white, and blue sensory ideas for water table play:

  • Fill your water table with bubbles. Cut red, blue, and white foam noodles into round 1-inch pieces. Children can stack the pieces to make towers or floating patterns.
  • Create star ice cubes using star-shaped To make the activity even more fun, add food coloring to the molds before freezing. Add the star-shaped ice cubes to the water table throughout center time.

Independent Sorting

Activities using “independence” and small manipulatives to strengthen muscles and coordination:

  • Using red, white, and blue buttons, have children pick up the buttons using plastic tongs and then sort the buttons onto red, white, and blue paper strips.
  • Cut out red, white, and blue stars from construction paper. Have children sort the stars by color into cups. Next, have children sort the stars according to numbers. Then have children create patterns with the stars.

Building Activity

Putting creative, mathematical minds to work by using small manipulatives:

  • Print pictures of U.S. national monuments. Children can use building blocks, Legos, bristle blocks, magnetic tiles, or other stackable manipulatives to create their own replicas monuments.