Quality Time with Kacey: Provider Appreciation Week

Quality Time with Kacey, a koala wearing a Maryland EXCELS T-shirt, sitting in front of a clock

Activities for Child Care Provider Appreciation Week: May 3-7

For Child Care Provider Appreciation Week, Kacey the Quality Koala and Maryland EXCELS shared new activities to do with your child to show their love and appreciation for their child care provider.

You’ll find the activities below. For more fun with Kacey,  you can visit additional Activities with Kacey for Families and Providers.

The Maryland State Department of Education’s Division of Early Childhood understands that the activities described on this page and in website links may not be suitable for all ages or developmental stages. All activities require adult supervision and are not endorsed by the Maryland State Department of Education or Johns Hopkins University.

Painted paper likeness of children giving hugsMonday

Send a hug to your provider! Using a long sheet of paper, trace your child’s head, torso, arms, and hands. Have your child decorate their traced body using crayons, paint, or markers. If you don’t have a long piece of paper, use smaller pieces of paper and tape them together. Help your child to write a note to their child care provider. If your child can’t write, then you can write the letter and have them trace their name. Share your hugs on our social post and tag your provider or send the artwork by mail or email!



Superheroes made from painted handprintsChild care providers are superheroes! Paint or trace your child’s hand or foot on paper then turn their hand or footprint into a super child care hero. Either mail the artwork or take a picture and email it to your provider.








Make a kindness postcard! Children of all ages can make a kindness postcard with paper and paint. For babies 3 months and up, you can tape the bag to a high chair tray for thHomemade postcards made by young children for their child care providersBaby doing a fingerpainting while having tummy timee child to squish and move the paint around with their hands. Older children can finger paint or use a paintbrush to make a picture. After the paint dries, cut out postcard-sized pictures. Write a kind message on the back and mail or take a photo and email/text it to your child care provider.




A poem for Provider Appreciation Day with two handprints inside a heart. Help your child write or sing a song or a poem for their provider. Record the song or poem, or write it out and send it to your child’s teacher. If your child is an infant, you can send a picture with a note or poem. Alternatively, you could recreate a poem or quote you find online by printing it or drawing it. This sweet surprise will make their day!







Today is Provider Appreciation Day! Take time to thank the child care provider in your child’s world. Making a homemade flower is one way to say thank you.Art project with flowers made from a baby's footprint in paintArt project with a flower made from painted handprints

Look around your home for different objects or recycled materials to create a flower. You can use egg cartons, coffee filters, muffin liners, paper plates, or paper towel rolls. Give the flower to your child’s provider along with a thank you note! You can also mail it or send a photo of it to the provider.

Variation: If you have an infant or small child, trace or use non-toxic paint on their foot or hand to create a flower. 

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