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Making the Unfamiliar Familiar: Children with Disabilities in Child Care Settings

When child care providers have difficulties with children who have disabilities, it’s often a case of the provider simply never having worked with a child with a disability. Typically developing

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I Select story books that allow the children to make a personal connection to things they see in their own home, as well as to present them with stories relating to cultures that are not necessarily their own. Gladys Arredondo, Gladys Family Daycare

In The Spotlight: Gladys Family Daycare

Gladys Arredondo was inspired to pursue a career in child care after her first grandchild was born. She operates Gladys Family Daycare in Montgomery County, and has participated in Maryland

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Organizational Tips from our Partners

Little fingers can take a toll on classroom supplies. For some providers, fall is the start of a new school year and a great time to organize.  Year-round providers can

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TIPS! Developing Clear Rules and Expectations with Input from Children

Fall can bring new children to child care programs, making it a perfect time to allow children to help establish rules and expectations. When children are part of this process,

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New Children, New School Year, New Transitions

Transitions can be difficult for adults and children alike. Children leaving the care of their families for the first time, moving up to a new age grouping, or leaving child

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