Engaging Families

Research shows us that children tend to do better when programs engage families.
two young children play together

Making Transitions Work

Transition plans can help children and parents adjust successfully.

Utilizing Observation Practices

Observations provide insight into how each child thinks, hears, and learns.
colorful cartoon hands including hand in wheelchair

Developing an Inclusion Policy

In an inclusive program, children have access to and participate in the same routines, play, and learning experiences.

Technology Use and Screen-Time Policy

A screen-time policy helps guide children on how to use technology and set limits.

Sharing Community Resources

Sharing resources can help connect staff, families, and children to opportunities in your community.

Effective Staff Meetings

Effective staff meetings allow your team to support one another, share information, and communicate ideas.
A colorful bulletin board display.

Refreshing Your Bulletin Boards

Bulletin boards offer the perfect canvas to welcome and engage the families and children in your program.

Transitioning to Kindergarten

Transitioning from an early childhood program to kindergarten is a significant time for children and families.

Creating a Program Improvement Plan

The Program Improvement Plan (PIP) is a tool that can help you determine and achieve specific,

Opening the Door to Quality Communication

Family conferences give programs and families a chance to have focused discussions.

Positive Behavioral Supports

Offering choices and redirection are proactive behavior support strategies.

Creating Healthy Habits

A nutrition policy and weekly menu can help teach children about healthy eating habits.

Selecting Materials to Reflect Children’s Cultures and Languages

Diverse materials can encourage curiosity and discussion.

Developing Clear Rules and Expectations with Input from Children

Allowing children input gives them a sense of ownership.

Creating Activities and Schedules

Plan purposeful and meaningful individualized schedules using domain-based activities.