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Benefits to Participants


All programs participating in Maryland EXCELS at every level demonstrate a commitment to quality improvement. As an added benefit and a way of supporting the effort to improve quality, Maryland EXCELS programs have access to a variety of resources, such as:

  • Increased Child Care Scholarship reimbursements
  • Discounts from various vendors and organizations
  • Professional Activity Units (PAUs) for specified activities
  • Marketing and advertising opportunities
  • Targeted technical assistance, both online and face-to-face from Program Coordinators, Quality Assurance Specialists, and local Child Care Resource Centers
  • Professional Development
  • Free Training

Maryland EXCELS Partners

Logos for Maryland Family Network, FrogStreet, The InvestiGator Club, and Kaplan Early Learning Company.


Open a high-resolution image file (PNG) of the Maryland EXCELS logo to download.

Open a high-resolution vector file (PDF) of the Maryland EXCELS logo to download.

Use and Guidelines

  1. Logos may not be edited, except for size.
  2. Logos may be used by programs published on the Maryland EXCELS website for the purposes of advertising check level achievement.
  3. When referring to Maryland EXCELS, spell out ‘Maryland EXCELS’ with the first letter of Maryland and each letter of EXCELS in capitals.
  4. Programs no longer published in Maryland EXCELS must remove the logo from any publications or marketing materials.